Enjoy the Islands – on a Pintail Longboard

An other, not so common way to scout the islands, is to use a longboard.


Here a great tropical pintail longboard you can use to do that.

These boards are available at several places,  sometimes you have to look a bit as this is not California.
You can bring your own, and even rent at some spots.

It gives you an activate expedition over the islands and you get in close contact with everybody you encounter and engaging will be so easy.

Remember to:

  • start earlier in the morning – avoid the noon heat.
  • wear a helmet and protective gear
  • take water
  • plan your trip not to far (you also have to get back)
  • take a couple of lessons and practice a bit before you start this
  • try out a shorter trip – so you know what you are in for
  • HAVE FUN….


and enjoy the beautiful landscape.